Data Backup

Why do you need to backup your external hard drive? One simple reason…
Hard Drives Fail

You’ve spent too much time and money to place faith in a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). These magnetic storage devices work great for storing large quantities of data – right up until they crash. That’s why you need to backup to LTO tape.

Every project at JumpCut Pictures gets backed up to LTO.

computer hard disk

If you place a drive on the shelf and expect to pull data from it two years from now, you may be surprised. Since HDDs are magnetic platters, they need to be used regularly to maintain their magnetism.  This fact has been documented by major HDD manufacturers.  Don’t take a chance – give us a call.

We will make a backup of your data on an industry standard tape backup so when your hard drive fails, your data can be restored.

Or, if the client comes to you a year from now and wants to make a few tweaks to a program you edited, what do you do?  Chances are you have the data on a drive (or two), but sometimes big projects take up too much valuable HDD space and get deleted.  Back it up and have the original edit list and data stored on tape.  Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.